We help you harness the power of your unique audience and drive incremental revenue.

Future proof cookie less monetization of your inventory

Cookies & Monetization

Our unique demand is not reliant on cookies. It is also not accessible through legacy SSPs and Exchanges. This is particularly important to you as publishers monetizing content in the wake of new and increased regulations. Leverage our contextual engine that ensures impactful performance in cookie-deficient environments like mobile, apps and web.

Easy Access & Benefits

We provide you easy access to high-quality Display, Video and Native ads by connecting with all the major buyer networks and managing operational overheads. You also benefit from our strong relationships with DSPs, Agency Trading Desks, Horizontal Networks, Vertical Networks, Performance Networks, AMPs, DMPs, etc.

Get most out of your programmatic ad stack

Improve your user experience

Reduced Latency

We take the pressure off your browser and place the burden of real-time bidding on RtbAnalytica’s server. This ensures that there's little to no latency, which in turn keeps your user experience unaffected, regardless of device and internet speeds.

What make us preferred choice for global publishers

Better revenue yield

Our in-house dedicated team of analysts with vast experience in the programmatic supply side industry make sure you get the best value and revenue from your current ad stack. We give you unique visibility into bidding data to ensure auction neutrality and maximum participation. This results in increased competitive returns on your inventory in a first-price auction. Greater control over the ad-decisioning process paves the way for better optimization.

Innovative in-house ad units

With our innovative ad units publishers earn incremental revenue without interrupting their earnings from existing ad units. For more details please contact our support team.

Unique Demand

Apart from premium DSP’s and Ad exchanges we work with direct advertisers, brands and agencies which bring more competition and revenue for our publishers. Strong competition between a diverse set of demand sources maximizes the bid density for your inventory. This leads to significantly increased win rates for you at incremental CPMs.

Global account management

Our experience team works closely with you to constantly optimize your traffic with machine learning and deep programmatic experience to deliver incremental results. Our global footprint and teams across the world ensure quick turnaround times and ever-responsive 24x7 support, plugging any issues you might face, promptly. So, whether it is about ad quality tracking or integrating new partners into the platform, we've got your back.

Easier Integration

Our ad units can be implemented on your site with just a short snippet of ad code. It can’t get easier than this. You can also seamlessly activate multiple formats - display ads, out stream video ads, in-read native ads and standard IAB units, without any additional code or integration work.

Better Outcome

Increase ROI through improved targeting performance, while reducing the amount spent on 3rd-party

Simple & Flexible

Our simple and intuitive UI makes it easy to get started. Build an audience and deploy to individual's edge devices in just a few clicks.


Extend your reach to cookie-less environments and future-proof your strategy against changes in browser APIs.

We work as extension of your team