We are a unique team of
programmatic &
data science experts

with 15+ years of experience in the world's most dynamic industry. We are young and innovative minds, who bring speed, subject matter expertise and curiosity for problem solving. We relentlessly collaborate with business to drive effective ROI for them.

Culture & Values

Our culture is what we live and breathe every day. These 6 core values and principles made us who we are.

We believe in moving fast, we embrace speed and agility.

Selfless excellence

We put the company and team ahead of ourselves as we aim to be world class in everything we do.

Customer WOW

We love to exceed our customers and our stakeholder’s expectations.

Constantly Innovate

We constantly learn and innovate to improve current solutions.


We stay true to our commitments and bring our true self to work.

Radical Inclusion & Diversity

We thrive on diverse voices, engage our customers and employees with a different point of view to inform challenges and expand our thinking.